We put your vision to action.

In 2018 our founder, Kyle Quinn, saw the need for a full service, professional, innovative, and cost-effective marketing company to be based out of Ketchikan, Alaska.

BOLD Marketing & Design is a group of Alaskan Creators and Developers who treat your company as if it was our own.  We listen hard, think critically, and assemble brands with purpose.

Serving local companies is our top priority. We deliver results through holistic collaboration and purposeful work that builds connections between the brands we work with and their consumers.

If your company is not BOLD in today’s online space, it will not be heard.
(See what we did there…)

Everyone at Bold has a genuine appreciation and dedication to the world and work of branding & design.

We know that advertising is just one piece of the marketing process. Our approach is to be your fully integrated marketing department. We are not one of your vendors, we become part of your internal team.

You are more than a client.

We know the eb and flows of business, times of high demand and business growth, but also slow times when revenue streams dry up. We are committed to growing and slowing with you. Your marketing plan is not a race, but a marathon. We can’t wait to start our marketing journey together!

Welcome to the BOLD family.

(Please, no Turducken at Thanksgiving, it’s not our favorite.)

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Kyle Quinn


Eliza Connolly

Project Manager

Joshua George

Creative Director

Kelsey McNeil

Marketing Specialist

Jason Hawkins

Graphic Designer

Robin Ashcraft

Web Design & Developer

Samantha Quinn

Accounts Manager